106 products

106 products

Discover our endless collection of skateboards. At Life Skate Farm we offer you hundreds of skate decks of the best brands and models. 

All our boards come with a free sandpaper included and already mounted on your board. 


Types of skateboard

What changes most about a table is the width. This depends on you, what you find most comfortable. It may be 7.75 inches or slightly wider, 8 inches or even more than 10 inches. 

Your shoe size has nothing to do with the width of your board. You should choose what seems most comfortable for you, taking into account the tricks you want to do. 

For example, a wide board makes it easier for you to land after an ollie but on the other hand it is more difficult to flip with it. 

Also, take note that skateboards have a front and a tail. They are not usually completely the same, allowing you to do different types of tricks. You have to take this into account. 

The best boards are tough and light at the same time. This is achieved by putting several layers of high quality pressed wood (usually 7 layers). 

We have skateboards in our stock of different shapes. With more old school and more modern profiles. 

Our specialty is the most core skateboard decks and we often get very special decks like some reissues of emblematic boards.

Other brands of skateboards that you can find are Almost, Blind, Powell Peralta, Sour, Polar, Baker, Hockey, Deathwish, Element, Toy Machine, Welcome or Santa Cruz. 


How often do you have to renew skateboards?

Skateboards must be renewed when you have used them enough. For someone who skates on a daily basis, a skateboard usually lasts about 2 months.

On our website you can buy skateboards at very competitive prices. 

And if you need accessories, you can also find skateboard trucks, skateboard wheels, or to avoid getting too complicated you can buy complete skates