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40 products

In our skate shop you will find skateboard wheels of the best brands. It is very important to have the right wheels for each type of skate you want to practice. 

We work with the best brands. Orbs, Bones, Spitfire or Slime Balls. 


How to choose the best skateboard wheels

The wheels differ in diameter and also in hardness. 



The smaller wheels are designed to slide more and are more suitable for tricks like ollies, kick flips, etc. 

Larger diameter wheels are usually more appropriate for cruising and getting around. 

Take into account the height of the axles Let him use your board, because if you have low axles you cannot have a wheel larger than 52mm, but if they are high you can easily go up to 69mm or even 60mm. 

If you don't take this into account, your wheel can get stuck between the board and the ground and you can fall flat on your face. 

With a larger diameter you can be calmer in front of pebbles and obstacles on the ground. With small wheels, make sure the floor is smooth and well maintained. In this case we invite you to try our covered skate park, where the ground is perfect for developing your skateboarding skills. 

Lastly, if you have tall skate trucks and your wheels are small, you can raise the front of your table much higher before the tail hits the ground. 



The durometer is a scale from 0 to 100A. The closer to 100A the harder. If you want to slide easily you have to choose a hard wheel. But at around 100 it will be too difficult to control slippage. 

The hard wheels also make the imperfections of the ground much more noticeable on your feet so they are more appropriate for skate parks and smooth surfaces. 

If you go on an adventure to do street skateboarding, maybe it is better to use softer wheels, it will be more comfortable on your feet. A wheel of approximately 85A is considered "soft". 

With soft wheels it will be much more comfortable if there are pebbles but it will be much more difficult to slide. 


Core type

The hole in the wheels usually has a spacer so that two bearings can be inserted. If that spacer is made of plastic, the bearings can roll better, which is more suitable if you are going to skate at higher speeds as in the case of cruising. If that separator is urethane, they will not roll as much and it will also be a bit heavier than plastic spacers. 


Wheel shape

The wheels on your skateboard can have different shapes. The most important thing is the size of the surface that touches the ground. The more surface the more grip to the ground. 

These are some of the things to consider before buying your skateboard wheels. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team and they will advise you.