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29 products

Discover the best trucks for your skateboard from the best brands. 


How to choose the best skateboard truck for your board?



You must first look at the width of your board. Ideally, the width of your axis should be equal to that of the table. At most, there can be a 0.125 "(1/8 inch) margin of error.

This is a bit confusing because different brands often have different measurement systems. For example 144mm shafts Independent they are wider than Thunder's 147mm. 

In any case, it is better to sin that the axes are narrower than the boards, because if it is the other way around, some aerial maneuvers can be very difficult. 

Keep in mind that the width of the axel is on one side and the width of the hanger on the other. On the pages of our products we specify everything clearly. 



Also, if the shafts are low in height compared to the diameter of the skateboard wheels, it is very likely that when you turn the wheel will lock with the board and you will fall to the ground. This can be avoided by adjusting the axle kingpin (screw), but the skate will rotate less. 

But there are usually two shaft sizes: low or high. With low axles, it is not recommended to use wheels with a diameter greater than 52mm. 



Also note how much the axles weigh. The axles are the heaviest part of your skateboard so it must be taken into account if you want to skate light.

There are currently axles on the market with lighter materials such as titanium that considerably reduce the weight of the axles. For example these Independent titanium weigh 320g each, while these Venture most normalito weigh 368 grams each. 

Another innovative technology is hollow shafts like these from Independent Trucks that have a hollow axel to save grams. 

Finally comment axes made with magnesium, like east of Tensor. But in this case it can be more easily spoiled if you grind a lot. 


If you have any questions when choosing your skate trucks get in touch with our team and we will propose the best solution.