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    Spitfire is another of the brands that belongs to Deluxe and one of the oldest, it was created in 1987 by Jim Thiebaud.

    Today we can say that together with Bones they are the best wheels on the market, their Formula Four have been a revolution, wheels with different shapes and very resistant.

    It is difficult to name all the people who have been through Spitfire, since for so many years and being so important many of the best known names in the scene have skated for the brand. Some names are Tim Upson, Joey Bast, Drake Jones, Keith Hufnagel, Ricky Oyola, Billy Valdez, Danny Sargent, Brian Young, Mason Silva, Ishod Wair, Brian Anderson, Grant Taylor, Eric Koston, John Cardiel, Shane ONeill, Rob Welsh ...

    Its flame logo is unmistakable.


    SPITFIRE (1993)