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    Real is already one of the oldest skateboard brands. This San Francisco-based company comes from a time when skateboarders didn't have much to say in the industry. The boards had to be sold and the needs of the skaters didn't matter much. That's why Tommy Guerrero and Jim Thiebaud decided to go against the grain in 1990. When they both saw their time at Powell-Peralta come to an end, they went their own way. With the help of skate legend Fausto Vitello, who among other things founded Thrasher Magazine, Real Skateboards was able to establish itself in no time.

    Today it is still one of the most powerful brands in Deluxe, and with an incredible team. This year 2020 one of its riders Mason SIlva has won the Thrasher mag Skater of the Year. Real continues to represent skateboarding in northern California and more specifically the city of San Francisco. 

    Skaters such as Drake Jones, Mark Gonzales, Salman Agah, Sluggo, Peter Ramondetta, Dennis Busenitz, Justin Brock, Joey Bast, Keith Hufnagel, Max Schaaf, Quim Cardona have passed through their ranks (and some are still part of the team). , Nick Dompiere, Kyle Walker, Ishod Wair or Zion Wright.

    Real is definitely one of the best brands in the history of skating and continues to be stronger than ever and true to its principles.


    SINCE DAY ONE (2011)

    NON FICTION (1997)