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    Plan B Skateboards was a skate team founded by Mike Ternasky in 1991. The team was made up of many (already) professional skateboarders who were specifically chosen, which is why they were called the Superteam. The team was considered one of the most influential of the 90s, due to its innovations in skateboarding and the use of skateboarding videos.

    After Ternasky's death and the departure of some of its most important members (Carroll, Howard and Sheffey went to Girl, a brand created by the first two) Plan B disappeared and was resurrected by Danny Way and Colin McKay in the 2000s.

    Plan B continues to have a very strong team although for the nostalgic people it is not what it was in its day, which is something almost impossible to match.

    His first two videos were a revolution in the world of skateboarding.

    His team currently consists of Aurelien Giraud, Chris Joslin, Tommy Finn, Felipe Gustavo, Pat Duffy, PJ Ladd, Ryan Sheckler, Trevor McClung, Danny Way, Sean Sheffey and Colin McKay.