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    The history of Jart begins in Irún in 2001 as a project led by the Iraola brothers. The Iraola family has always been dedicated to the wood sector, so having excellent knowledge in the raw material of skateboards they decide to undertake the exciting adventure of manufacturing their own skateboard decks controlling all design processes and manufacturing. Jart skates are produced in national territory and have excellent quality finishes and durability available to very few skateboarding brands. So much so that more and more skaters are looking both as a first option on their first skateboard for a complete Jart skateboard due to the great value for money obtained. Likewise, more experienced skaters also continue to bet on a Jart board when it is time to renew the skate.

    Jart is the most important board manufacturer in Europe, making boards for many European companies and for a few years also producing runs for Europe of important American brands. 

    His team today has names like Danny Leon, Gustavo Ribeiro, Carlos Zarazua and Adrien Bulard.


    NOW OR NEVER (2007)

    U.S. (2017)