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    44 products

    For Independent, this slogan is not an empty promise or a marketing gimmick. Anyone who has skidded these trucks knows how tough they are. No matter how hard the curb or how hard the impact is in a gap, the Indys remain among the toughest skateboards ever. Even when it comes to turning behavior, these axles have a loyal following and it is therefore not surprising that Independent is one of the most popular axle manufacturers in the world. And it has been for decades! Meanwhile, they have adapted their shafts for a variety of needs and offer models of every shape and size.

    The axis of transitions skaters par excellence but also that of street skater as can be seen in the creation of the new MIDS axes that have had the opinion of Tiago Lemos.

    His team is immense and has some of the biggest names in the world of skateboarding such as Ray Barbee, Ryan Sheckler, Andrew Reynolds, Tony Hawk, Pedro Barros, Milton Martinez, Wes Kremer, Kenny Anderson, Louie Lopez, Tony Alva, AVE or Geoff Rowley.