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    Girl Skateboards is a company created in 1993 by Mike Carroll, Rick Howard, Megan Baltimore and Spike Jonze. For skaters who skated during the 1990s and early 2000s Girl was the brand. His graphics, his boards and his team that consisted of some of the best names not only of the time but of skateboarding history.

    It is one of the biggest brands with some of the videos that are skate history, such as Mouse, Pretty Sweet and Yeah Right !. 

    In its ranks have been some of the most important skaters, from its creators Mike Carroll and Rick Howard to Eric Koston, Sean Sheffey, Jovantae Turner and Guy Mariano.

    Today that team has undergone numerous changes but people like Sean Malto, Niels Bennet, Tyler Pacheco, Griffin Grass, Breanna Geering, Simon Bannerot and Rowan Davis have given a new refreshment to the team that has put Girl back where she was for years back in the world of skateboarding. In addition to numerous collaborations they are doing with brands such as Kodak or Volcom.


    PRETTY SWEET (2012)

    MOUSE (1996)