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    From Enjoi they offer a line of professional-backed skateboards as their main product. After Marc Johnson's departure, Matt Eversole took over as head of the company. They released their first video, Bag of Suck in 2006, which won TWS (Transworld Skateboarding) Video of the Year award. Enjoi is owned by Dwindle Distribution.

    With its irreverent graphics and original products Enjoi has always gone its own way and there is no other brand like it. Apart from this they have always had a very consistent team, rarely have any of their riders left the mark and there are people like Louie Barletta, Nestor Judkins or Caswell Berry. And in recent years they have added people like Thaynan Costa, Zack Wallin and Deedz to their team who have rejuvenated their team.


    BAG OF SUCK (2006)