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    Element Skateboards is a skateboarding company founded in 1992, in Atlanta, Georgia, by artist Andy Howell and Johnny Schillereff. Since 2001, Element has been part of Billabong International.

    Element has gone through many changes and variations of equipment, always with some of the strongest names at all times, today it has in its team with Nyjah Houston the most media skater of the moment. Although despite being a mainstream and very commercial brand, it continues to do many things by and for skaters and collections with very interesting collaborations such as Ghostbusters, Mandalorian, etc ...

    Apart from Nyjah Houston, other members of the Element team are Jaako Ojanen, Brandon Westgate, Nick Garcia, Mark Appleyard, Chris Colbourn and Madars Apse.


    QUATTRO (2010)

    PEACE (2018)