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    Cliché is one of the pioneering brands in Europe was created in 1997 by Jeremie Daclin. In 2005 it became part of Dwindle Distribution.

    Cliché started as one of the first European brands, born in Lyon (France), it became a brand of great international weight which was bought by Dwindle. With a team made up only of skaters of European origin, the brand managed to have and make known skater like Lucas Puig.

    Names such as the aforementioned Lucas Puig, Pontus Alv, JB Gillet, Ricardo Fonseca, Javier Mendizabal, Thibaud Fradin were part of its ranks.

    Part of this success was achieved with their videos, some of them made by the famous French cameraman French Fred, such as Bon Appetit and Freedom Fries.


    BON APPETIT! (2004)

    FREEDOM FRIES (2004)