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    36 products

    Bones bearings are famous for their quality and design. From affordable Bones Reds to Swiss Bones, Bones Bearings has a great selection based on your needs. Bones is a skateboard bearing company started by George Powell in the early 80's. Since then, they have revolutionized the skateboard bearing market becoming one of the top brands selected by many pro skaters. Bones Bearings, are part of the conglomerate of brands SkateOne, of which brands such as Powell Peralta, Bones Wheels are also part.

    Together with Spitfire they are one of the preferred wheel brands for their innovation in materials and shapes. 

    In his team there are names of the stature of Felipe Gustavo, Bucky Lasek, Jesus Fernandez, Lizzie Armanto, Nick Tucker, Tony Hawk and Chris Joslin.