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    Almost skateboards is an American skateboarding brand created in 2003 by famous professional skateboarders Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song. Almost Skateboards' initial skating team consisted of Cooper Wilt, Chris Haslam, Ryan Sheckler, and Greg Lutzka. A couple of years later the legendary Lewis Marnell joined the professional skate brand Almost. The growth of Almost has been exponential in recent years thanks to the great response offered by its professional skate equipment created by illustrious skateboarders. Almost has come to collaborate with other brands like Nike SB to help give visibility to promising young skateboarders.

    Almost belongs to the Dwindle group, which is a guarantee of quality boards at a good price. Among its ranks it has national skaters such as Mikel Vidal and Fran Molina.


    CHEESE & CRACKERS (2006)

    3AM (2017)